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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Free Passive Residual Reoccurring Income

Art by Felipe Micaroni Lalli_CC-BY-SA-2.5
Art by Felipe Micaroni Lalli_CC-BY-SA-2.5

This article addresses monetizing content with some current and evolving free advertisement resources that are available to everyone. We will be updating this article in the future, so you may wish to bookmark, share, and follow this development as we hold back no punches or valuable information to benefit all of our visitors and News Letter subscribers.

Internet Marketing (“IM”), free advertising and more: So you have discovered a niche market with a new product, service, or even an affiliate program that seems to fit with the current trends of today. (Emphases added, bold mark-up for our web search engine friends.)

Now you may wish to explore various arenas or venues to place a golden opportunity in front of the largest body of prospective hungry customers to test your strategies or even take a peak into other developing niche markets at the ground floor with a new affiliate program.

Where else could you find such rapid exposure and customer base than at the inner core of the other pros that are well engaged in programs on private social marketing business networks with global exposure and dominance or even driving traffic to their web sites?

While some affiliates find that they may leverage their time with high exposure rates of their programs via private Text Ad Exchanges, "TAEs" Safelists, Traffic Exchanges, PPC, PTC, Surfing Exchanges or email campaigns, and other paid for services or advertisement. There is one thing certain and that is direct marketing via Solos or emails directly into the inboxes of those that are hungry for the next new wave of online business opportunities that can be replicated easily at the same time provide free passive, and residual income into the future.

The stronger the appeal of the product or service while fulfilling the current or long term needs of the customer then the better the chances of your success. Remember, there is one critical element to placing your opportunity before a multitude of prospective buyers and that element boils down to exposure, either free or paid for advertisement. Then the next option or question should be are you spinning your wheels and placing a program before an audience that has the need or the desire to take action to purchase and/or promote such?

There is one thing certain and that is everyone needs methods of generating traffic to promote their web sites and offers whether that is by way of sweat equity or paid for advertisement and/or list building. After all the money is in the list: Where to start?

The IM newbie or even a seasoned affiliate marketing guru still uses all the free viral marketing tools that they find available while learning along the way to fine tune strategies for higher conversion rates and global market dominance with free advertisement.

The options are endless but there is one fact that remains and that is to find the right environment or network of those that welcome new opportunities for easy replication into successful email and new letter campaigns that provide the end results of passive residual and reoccurring income for the future.

Besides the above examples, some being with cloaked viral links you can also find a wonderful video presentation by clicking this link to advertise free for life and more fully appreciate the true meaning of viral marketing tools. There are many fine programs on this page and they provide thousands of dollars in free advertisement and free memberships to private marketing networks and with exposure to several hundred thousand hungry prospects over all. 

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Sunday, August 5, 2012

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Automatically Update your Wordpress sites
Email 2000 Members Instantly Now & Build Your List

Free Advertisement TAE, Safelist, Ad Exchange, and More

Newest SEO Strategies for Affiliate Marketing and Web Sites

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Monday, March 5, 2012

MagicDolla New Launch

MagicDolla Seems To Be A Hot One

Click here to Join MagicDolla

Click here to Join MagicDolla

The excitement since launching of this program has taken MagicDolla management staff aback with around 4,000 new members in the first 72-hours as they reported in one of their Admin updates via email.

It is simple low cost programs like this that can provide overall long term success for many if they can promote it properly and build their downlines rapidly or over a period of time. The testimonials on site from other members appear to be impressive. Here are some below:

Read some of the comments from our satisfied members below:
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This is as easy as it gets guys!

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There is also a second program that starts you into 7-Streams of income if promoted that many are PIFing or Paying It Forward for other members to establish there downline that you may find to be beneficial and if you wish to check it out kindly go HERE . With this one you can have more then one account and spread your downline or plug back in under a friend and build HERE. And if you wish to plug into a third position HERE. To your success.