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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

PBL "PTBYL" 3.0 Get Paid To Advertise

In The News: Paid To Build Your List known as (“PBL”) launches a new 3.0 version November 6th that will be a 3x9 forced matrix Get-Paid-To-Advertise new concept. For more information you can watch this introductory video that will explain the unique development of Get-Paid-To-Advertise free to join 3.0 version of Paid To Build your List (“PTBYL”).

PBL – Paid To Build Your List, also known as PTBYL first opened for new membership enrollments July 16th, 2013, in Beta-Launch and has been considered to be “well received by the masses” within online marketing and business for leveraging professional list building in a more social and economic environment at a fraction of the costs when compared to other traditional methods of list building and PPC to generate leads.

Pre-enrollment of Get Paid To Advertise started Friday evening October 19th which allows structuring of positions within the 3x9 forced matrix based upon advertisement positions and not member position unlike other 3x9 matrices. In other words multiple advertisements subscriptions by a single individual allows for multiple positions within the 3x9 matrix as well as multiple spill and fill-up of positions and additional commission structure. This new advertising concept would allow for additional direct, reoccurring, passive, and residual income more rapidly than a traditional member only based 3x9 forced matrix.

It appears that PBL is poised for explosive growth as seen in the last 90 days with over 15,000 new member enrollments and may just be the tip of the iceberg. For more information of Paid To Build You List (“PTBYL”) you can watch this short 90 second introductory video.

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Monday, September 16, 2013

Free Auto-responder for Online and Email Marketing

This article addresses valuable how-to sharing list build fundamentals for those involved with viral list builders, email marketing, affiliate marketing, work at home, online business services, online marketing professional services, free auto-responder, etc. and some of the evolving free resources that are available to everyone. We will be updating this article in the future, so you may wish to bookmark, share, and follow this development as we hold back no punches or valuable information to benefit all of our visitors and News Letter subscribers.

Are you getting paid to build your list, and what types of tools do your have to work with to generate list building? First, let us share some insights about list building and where some get it ALL WRONG entitled "List Building Fundamentals" below and before revealing your source to acquire a free professional high quality Auto-responder, plus much more.

List building fundamentals:

  • Rule #1: Never Spam your list: No one will ever want to be on your list if you spam them with offers every day especially if they have no interest in those types of offers. In others words, you do not want to sale boats to people in the desert unless they live on a lake oases.
  • Rule #2: Engage your list. This is where our Russians friends got it right – they call it courting. I call it the Golden Rule “Treat others the way you wish to be treated”. Get to know your list members and be helpful with what resources you have. It is only natural that when they succeed, you will also succeed too.
  • Rule #3: Follow-up. Stay in contact with your list members so they remember the values of your association. Many of our affiliates become close friends over time. There is a saying in the South Pacific Islands: "Give a man a fish and he will not be hungry for a day. Teach him how to fish and he will not be without food for the rest of his life."
  • Rule #4: Never Rush.  Always do you background research or Due Diligence (“DD”) on the programs you engage in and Never-Ever rush your promotional materials especially on new launches until you double check your copy-write (ad copy). All are human and if and when you find any mistakes you can always correct them. Measure twice and cut once makes for a good Carpenter.

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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Are You Paid To Build Your List?

This article addresses valuable how-to sharing paid to list build techniques with some current and evolving free resources that are available to everyone that join PBL. We will be updating this article in the future, so you may wish to bookmark, share, and follow this development as we hold back no punches or valuable information to benefit all of our visitors and News Letter subscribers.

Are you getting paid to build your list, and what types of tools do you have to work with to generate list building? If you are outside looking in and not inside looking out you may be left in the dust of history in the making. How about leveraging your time and list building efforts with a new and exciting concept and methods recently developed looking beyond Facebook and Twitter - the future of business is sharing. Just fewer than six thousand new members in three weeks alone since pre-launch of the PBL system and now you can see how it works below for free today in beta-launch: These new member numbers speak for themselves in a sharing and caring new platform environment such as the PBL system.

A Dynamic New List Builder

That Can Pay You!



1. Grab some Ice Tea and watch at least

90 seconds of this video,

then register.

2. Once registered log in,
read the information on the first page:

Go to the members area and watch the
"How It Works" video,
and read FAQs.

This will give you an idea as to how this all works.
Now you can build a giant list for yourself,
with little effort.


Currently in beta-launch:
Login and watch July 20th video.

For Achievers: Some people will get a head start
before the masses hear this.

I will also be doing 11-Dallar PIF
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can get on at least one list builders' list.

However do not wait for me:
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Don’t Wait.
(NOTICE: As of August 1st, 2013,
the fourteen day requirement
was lifted for all free members)
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NEWS FLASH: Admin News Update, October 10, 2013, 10:30pm EST.

Since opening for new free member enrollments since July 16th, 2013, 1.0 free and 2.0 upgraded member: The Paid to Build Your List system Beta-Launch and Testing has been successfully completed with overall membership levels exceeding 15,000 members in over 150 Counties as Kelly Williams has formerly indicated.

Exciting Announcement: Not only will there be a server change starting Monday October 14th with this there will start the beginning of a rollout of a 3.0 version that allows 1.0 free, 2.0 upgraded members to participate in a new 3.0 system both external and internal advertisement program that is based upon a 3x9 compensation plan that will reward advertisers’ participation regardless of membership and now even none member advertisers can participate even if they chose not to be a PTBYL member.

For more up coming News and new releases kindly subscribe our exclusive News Letter.

NEWS FLASH: Admin News Update, July 29, 2013, 7:11pm EST.


. . . We have launched this concept to the world. You are one of the ones this concept has initially been shared with.

But truth is, as I am about to "spill the beans," I shared this leveraged list building concept with only 55 others initially and these people are people who I just got from a very simple banner ad placed on a website. They weren't people from any of my lists, I just wanted to test everything from scratch...

. . . needless to say, only about 20 of the 55 joined our free membership program and those 20 have now turned into over 7,300 members world wide in over 50 countries and it continues to grow globally with 200 new members joining every day. We began to accept new members
only about 1 month ago. * * *”

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